Life is so precious

Life is so precious

Life is sublime. It's evident if we observe. It's beautiful, majestic and sometimes cruel -- like us. I'm here to denounce something. We take life's value for granted. All living things should be treated as precious. We are all precious, beautiful and nothing less. Priceless.

The ant, the velociraptor, my newborn daughter, your boss, that creepy guy over there, the mosquito (fuck mosquitos), the birds, overall, our biodiversity is so breathtaking and beautiful.

I'll go a step further and declare that it's only a 'miracle' that this rock, our planet, can PROVIDE, FEED and NURTURE us (living beings) the way it does.

  • What are we choosing to do this 'miracle'?
  • Is this life the best we can do?
  • When will we start talking about the violence that we commit unto ourselves and each other without it being such a taboo or such a big fucking deal? We are violent, we have to face it head-on and talk about it.
  • What are our best and brightest minds doing right now? At a desk? Doing what? For what?
  • How are we advancing each other, as a single human race? Or are we going to keep pretending everything is fine because YOU are fine? I am fine, I don't need to concern myself with these things in my lifetime. But is it OK to think this way?
  • Why do we argue so much to avoid helping the weak and powerless?!
  • Why do we fight so hard among each other about superficial BULLSHIT?!

I don't have the answers, truth be told.

But I think we all have these answers, and only working together as one united people 🌎 we will unlock them.

I urge you to intellectualize these ideas, PLEASE, and ultimately arrive at your own conclusions. But this is something we need to talk about.

Please find below some of my favorite living things on this planet, just in case you forget where the fuck you are standing right now and how magnificent it is.

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