A mild and aimless rant of many topics: excess of technology, human evolution, education, our jobs, and how we behave towards each other

A mild and aimless rant of many topics: excess of technology, human evolution, education, our jobs, and how we behave towards each other

Why do people exercise? Some people exercise to look good while others to be stronger and healthier. How about you? Why? That's fine, come on, let me give you a huge hug. Now, let me propose the following. One must exercise frequently to gain freedom and dominion of our bodies and our surroundings.

Why would you walk when you can sprint? Why use the elevator when you can blast past those stairs? You could ask yourself these and many other hundreds of silly questions regarding our daily physical performance and postures. And these are important questions that you should be asking yourself. For self-reflection and self-evaluation. Are we physically and mentally enslaved by technology? Are you? Think about it for a minute or two.

In my opinion, as a collective society, we are losing the will to use our bodies, our physical strength, dexterity, and agility, and I also suspect we are slowly losing the will to use our intelligence and our powers of observation and deduction. And I think technology is causing this. We are being enslaved by technology!? Or are we suffering from an excess of technology?! Which technologies? Many of them!!! What do you think?

I wish we would abuse my most favorite technology, which is human speech (for communication), but that's a topic for another day.

Instead, we are given this amazing gift, the power of intellect, which no other animal can manifest as it does for ourselves, and there we go make a bunch of memes and do exactly what throughout our short history? The last 200,000 years of human history shows us what the tendencies are. And there's immense space for improvement. We've built many great things and systems, but at the cost of what?... oh, what a coincidence... enslavement?!. Hell ok no, let's take it down a notch. Not enslavement, but at the cost of enormous amounts of human suffering. And since the invention of the internet and social media, we can also suffer virtually... Wooooo!

I think that the rampant obsession over vain and superficial things, such as social media, economical status, and fame, has made us devolve. We, as a society, are not entirely healthy mentally or physically. We behave like wounded brutes tumbling around trying to figure out life without having clear objectives and managing ourselves as if violence was our only or main tool. Most of us mask weakness with anger and conflict, and it's showing.

Now, in the topic of mental clarity. Put the device down and be present where you are. Who is around you? What's everything around you? Are you safe? Why? The answers to these questions should've given you more clarity and consciousness, or awareness. Where you aware of these details before I called them out? If you did, congratulations, you are possibly an empathetic and sharp person. If not, please, look inside yourself and try to think about the following.

Awareness and strength give you dominion over your body and the situations that occur in your surroundings and mutual respect and amiability will heal and nurture our surroundings (communities). All of the problems that we face in the world could be fixed by appreciation and mutual respect.

But how can we provide others respect and friendship when we do not offer the same to ourselves?

Like it or not, we are all slaves to things. Men in power are slaves to power and "duty" and responsibility. People with money are slaves to money and profit. I'm a slave to work because I have to work hard to earn income to maintain my family's quality of life – the things. I could become a business owner and I would stop being a slave to my current employer and be a slave to my own business. We are also all slaves to our ego and to our individuality. We are slaves to empty conflict and violence. It's in our blood, coming from 200,000 years of conditioning. Sometimes I feel like I was a Samurai in a past life (hah). Maybe I'm just a bully (in recovery). Let's please be aware of who we truly are and how our actions are influenced be the slavery to things – whatever they may be.

Now stop and think about the last time you felt angry. Why was it? How did you behave? Did you hurt someone? There's no need for any of it. Truly. We focus on the wrong things at the wrong moments. And the only way to cure these situations, and become truly free, is through empathy and mutual respect and being good and honest neighbors. Helping each other. Acknowledging that the person that is walking by me deserves that respect. Is not with technology. Yes, language helps us communicate, but a smile, a plate of warm food, or a hug are universal and need no communication.

You know what... If we are going to be enslaved by anything, I think we should only be enslaved to the things that we truly love and are passionate about. Of course I have some opinions about what those things should be: your interests and people that treat you like family. Those bonds of friendship heal the world. Each bond brings human civilization a little closer.

Imagine if we graphed every person in the world as a dot. And every true and selfless friendship was represented as an arrow, and everybody had at least 1 arrow pointing to another dot. All the dots in the world would eventually connect. Right? Did we just fix the world like that? Possibly!

Let's be slaves of kindness, love and friendship. Slaves of appreciation and justice. Only together we can evolve and go to our next phase of human history.

Look at the animal kingdoms for examples, our neighbors,  some of them our friends (thinking about dogs), who matter as equally as we do, by the way. Do you respect animals? That they are living things that feel things? Anyways, going back to the topic. Animals show us how strength through unity and cooperation can make societies thrive and build amazing and intricate things that we can't even explain. Hell, we can't even get to the bottom of the ocean without exploding (or imploding?) But we humans are deeply arrogant. We are so special. Our individuality is so important, look at me. We are absolute slaves to our egos. We are stuck in a loop repeating the same mistakes over and over.

For Civilization (video game) fans: we attempted many Religious Victories and failed miserably. We attempted an Economy Victory and apparently, 1% of the population won the game. Kudos to all of you. But how about we go for a Cultural Victory? Let's go for that one. A culture of strength through unity.

I find it interesting that we stress so much about so many things, except how to answer the most meaningful question. How will humanity survive an eventual extinction? This is our only real problem and we aren't facing it. I'm baffled. Your bunkers, your secret societies, your whatever the hell you got prepared for doomsday will not save you from an eventual natural calamity. Check the news, animals are going extinct left and right. Friends, we are animals too! Did you forget? What makes you think we are impervious from extinction? That's our main problem and we should be working to solve it. I don't get it. Why are we slaves to economies, or to celebrities, to buying things, to hell, I don't know what people are obsessing so much about these days. Politics? Hockey pucks? Color of skin? Sexual orientation? Well, how about obsessing about becoming a united civilization working towards the same goals and surviving extinction? How about becoming a true superpower and possibly even conquer the universe? Joining forces is the only way to survive folks.

I would understand a disparity of real and integral ideologies between humanities from different planets, but we all live in the same damned rock... Let's solve the food problem first. Let's solve comfortable housing for every single being in the planet. We should pride ourselves on being able to go to bed knowing that everybody - 100% of the population of the world is going to bed safe and with proper food and care, and hopefully at least 1 friendship (hah). Imagine going to bed and taking that in? Wow, what a beautiful idea! Right? Let's also solve education. For everyone. 100% WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER! Cut the shit and the excuses!

We can even setup different geographical locations for different philosophies or points of view. We'll ship religious people off to a side of the world. Atheists can go to another. And we can even compete and be civil about our disparities.

Y'all say that 'God' gifted our human intellect but what has intellect done for us so far besides the obvious exploitation of one another? I know I know, I've been exaggerating here and there for dramatic purposes but truth be told, this is coming from the heart. I'm so embarrassed about the amounts of suffering and death and conflict and so much violence. That's our favorite currency for day to day transactions. Suffering. And if you are not suffering, congratulations but somebody else is. With this in mind, I propose the following idea: applying intellect without empathy should be considered a dangerous endeavor.

Listen, I love my intellect and sometimes I will feel more intelligent than others in certain situations.  I will also feel less intelligent than others in other situations. But what keeps me grounded towards my reality is the thought that everybody, every single person in this life deserves to be appreciated and respected and that my intellect without compassion and empathy will eventually make me behave with cruelty or indifference/insensibility. This is a fact. Intellect without compassion or empathy will lead you to cruelty. Try it out for yourself. Go. Let me know when you get back how did it go.

We don't have to agree with each other, but we have to respect each other. Empathy is that safeguard. We have to hear and  listen. Just like we want to be respected. Just like we want to be listened to and understood. This goes in many ways. Intellect has many sides, and everybody has a different intellect and capacities and aptitudes. And we should embrace that uniqueness.

Talking about uniqueness. Why are our schools so dull? Why is our education system so hellbent on destroying our true inherent innate natural genetic (?) abilities? Children should focus on whatever discipline, skill or inclination they possess. Simple as that. If the kid has a great voice for singing, we should all, as a society, our schools and teachers should tailor the experience of that child to become the best possible singer that they can be. The same for any other inclinations. The kid wants to be a garbageman. Well, let's make him the best garbageman possible. Same for all things. We should embrace our uniqueness, our dreams and society should embrace us and support us to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Everybody should get this experience out of life. For me, this type of education should be common sense. The only logical conclusion to how our education should be molded as. "Oh, but it would be so hard to implement?" So? We sent a dude to the moon. We can solve this!

We would have the best version of every single person we interact with during our lives. Everybody eventually working as a master of their true innate abilities. Or none, it shouldn't matter either way!

I think I would be a caretaker, or a nurse, or a teacher in elementary school. I'm not any of those because I'm a slave to a certain lifestyle that requires a certain amount of monies and material comforts which being a technologist provides me. Because in our current life we all have to worry about food, healthcare, saving money for retirement, saving money for school, saving money for emergencies, bla bla bla bla bla. Our lives revolve primarily around money and the economy and politics. And education revolves around getting jobs to get money and the banks and the credit and the bla bla bla bla. Man, it's all so boring, so... underachieving... I don't want to sound ungrateful to our history and ancestors but most of these systems don't even make sense at all.

We need to evolve this life that we have, ASAP. And again, only together we can achieve the peace (harmony) that we need to start actually fixing our real problems.

So yeah... People on their phones, every day, at every moment. At the gym. Pooping. Sleeping. Waking up. At the restaurants. Underwater. At the disco. Connected. Doing things. Posting things. And life around us passes by... the true beauty of what is our life. Our planet. Our neighbors, the animal kingdoms. Most of us are looking for miracles. We look into the sky, asking for a sign. And meanwhile, our beautiful planet, which is breathtakingly beautiful, looks at us like "What?" while we abuse it. I'm not going to say destroy it to try to be neutral, but we do have to agree that we abuse it and its resources. Which makes me circle back to why we exercise? I think we should exercise to depend less on cars and elevators. On electricity. On gas. I think we have to reevaluate our usage of technology and notice that not all the material advancements that we possess are that beneficial. We should keep questioning ourselves, is this how it should be? Is this natural?

Let's think about VR for a second. Have you played the new Oculus Star Wars game? Breathtaking, the immersion, everything. Well if we thought more outside the box, outside of mass production and money. We could build that whole map that is used in the game and we could recreate that experience in a 1:1 ratio. But we don't. Because that wouldn't make money. But why do we live life like that? Why don't we build crazy things? Why don't we destroy and create new systems of food, or politics, of education, of law, of entertainment? Why is everything so set in stone? So dull? So pessimistic? So fucking monotonous. This society is a grind. A daily grind. Rinse and repeat. Every day until one dies. 🤮

Let's explore, let's experiment, let's evolve this experience that we call life. Most of the things that we do are so artificial too... Haven't you noticed? We go to jobs to do tasks that are meaningless for a currency that would be meaningless if... Let's brainstorm about this for a minute or two.

Imagine doctors would serve communities and communities would plan and maintain farms of food; every 2 miles there would be a farm and the neighbors' main job would be to take care and harvest it. Neighbor farms would trade for different seeds and fruits.

People's secondary main responsibility would be being the best at whatever they chose to be (we touched on this idea earlier).

So so far, we planted a farm, which became the "center" of town and we assigned neighbors to take care and harvest it in order to trade and feed each other.

First off, every 2 miles? Everybody would have fresh food. People inclined to be chefs, and to cook, would cook banquets for all the neighbors. I would be one of those, I would cook a nice "asopao" de res. Everything using the fresh produce I harvested from the community farm. Doctors tend to people and their health. The doctors advance each of their fields using the resources they request, and we just give these resources to them and we explore together. We tend to the doctors' needs, whatever they need is done for them. They are respected and treated as healers, as leaders, and as innovators, important each and one of them.

Just as important as our teachers and children.

We feed the children, teachers, and doctors first.

Let's be honest, maybe under the current education system that we have, doctors of all disciplines are worthless, but under this arrangement, everybody would be a nerd and passionate about their work.

And children... Children are our most important treasure. Children would be our smile factories, our beloved future. Children should be loved by everyone and taken care of by everyone. Imagine that being that way. What a beautiful thought.

Then the first responders, firefighters, police, community police (I just made this up - they live with us, and are part of us. They serve us and protect us. Their only job is to live embedded in the community and train us in self-defense, property defense, safe gun handling, drug safety, civics) and we respect them as peers in life but superiors in survival, civics and the rule of law. We feed them and they got our back, always with integrity.

Remember that everybody is well placed in their profession and aptitudes.

Then the people, the regular folk, we feast. Then the leaders eat. They feast with us. We dance. We sing. We commune. Others won't, and that's fine. But look how far a farm, and not having to go to an artificial job would land us. Even our architecture and roads would start to look way different. There would be a lesser need for cars. Perhaps we construct train systems that connect every single community and farm to each other, making possible instant trade of whatever resource is needed.

"But this is not possible? None of it!" Yeah, not with that mentality. In only severals minutes we came up with some 'crazy' life-altering ideas. Let's think collectively about the big things!

Thinking about now. Thinking about economics. Thinking about the silly arrangement that we currently have. Do we really need all of this mass production of crap? I don't think so. Look inside and you know that what I'm saying makes a little sense. Ah, but it's going to be very hard and you'll have to sit down to eat and work with your neighbor in a meaningful way. Not "just a job" anymore. No more clans and cliques. And people are afraid of this. Of meaningful change. We love being superficial and we don't want to admit it. We love our bubbles. We love our cars because they give us a capsule of "protection". And we love our cliques. And our races. And our skin color. And the brands that we wear. And our titles. And our nationalities. But I think that's all bullshit.

All of those labels are meaningless.

The only label that matters is "living being" for me because the one truth that is absolutely evident is the spontaneity and the birth of life itself, of all living beings, on this planet, is truly a 'miracle' and worthy of our human awe. And we should treat it (life) like it. Life in this floating rock is undeniably a 'miracle'. However you think and intellectualize about it, you should be able to reach the same conclusion. And we tarnish it with artificial and menial tasks that are poorly focused and do not use the best potential out of each person. It's contradictory to the way we live and the results we expect. I say expect because that's all I read and hear people talk about "peace and love", "only positive vibes", "all lives matter", "no toxicity", and most of our actions as a society are all destructive and violent. It baffles me how hypocritical we are all.

And I'm done for today. Thanks for reading. Please share your ideas below!

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